1. Easily Adopted – Though, Bitcoin is not accepted by everyone possible but people have already started trusting this technology and number of people using it or investing it, is increasing year by year. Some of the websites, brick and mortar stores have already started using it. People are willing to accept it overall.

2. Persistent – Bitcoin is fully digital, that’s why it won’t damage or fade with time. If fiat currency is lost, then it can’t be copied or printed again but a bitcoin can be easily duplicated to get rid of file corruption.

3. Divisible – Bitcoin can be parted into 8 decimal places and it may change according to need. At the current exchange rate of $100, this is a divisibility down to $0.0000001.

4. Invariable – Being decentralized and bearing no acquisition of government, the value of a bitcoin doesn’t depend on government, regulatory issues or market conditions. It depends only on the demand and nothing else. So it is invariable in comparison to fiat currency.

5. Conveyable – As Bitcoin transaction is fully digitized and online, so it is absolutely portable. It is extremely easy to transfer funds to anywhere in the world in some seconds only. Whether be a small amount or a big one, anything can be kept on a flash drive.

6. Scarce – Bitcoin is hard to achieve because its supply can be predicted and is limited to a certain extent. This limit makes it difficult to be pursued.

7. Safe & almost impossible to counterfeit– Bitcoin cannot be physically identified because it exists digitally. Some software may be used to recognize it in the blockchain. But to do it, the huge amount of knowledge is required. It is like impossible to counterfeit because of the cryptography codes. No one can hack or interrupt the process in between because of the blockchain technology. That’s why it is extremely safe.

8. Flexible – Due to increasing interest in bitcoins, the number of miners also increasing and in turn providing more flexibility to use them.

9. Economic – For now on, it is actually very inexpensive to mine or creates bitcoins than their value in the market.

10. Positive Past Records – Bitcoin is not that old concept as fiat currency. But still, the users that have used it or invested in it, provide positive reviews nonetheless.

11. Decentralized – Bitcoin is fully decentralized without any involvement of central authorities. This enables more security and decreases transaction fee that is being consumed by banks or government bodies. This facility makes money transactions untraceable.

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