Rilcoin (RIL)

Rilcoin is a peer-to-peer virtual currency that allows performing quick transactions without paying much amount as fees and can be performed by any individual existing in this world. Rilcoin is an open source global payment platform which will be fully decentralised. Mathematical problems make the system safe. Rilcoin is a cryptocurrency which would be based on a technology equivalent to Fiat Currency. All the features can be made suitable by using smart contracts. It will be the first virtual currency involving qualities of fiat currency.

Rilcoin is intending to become an established platform for the people who’re whether comfortable or not with the concept of cryptocurrencies by acquiring enough technical support, liquidity as well as trade volume.

Miners who will make a successful transaction will be rewarded with Rilcoins after transaction accomplishment. Investors who are going to participate in Rilcoin ICO will be rewarded with Rilcoins. Currently, there are 30 Million of Rilcoin tokens for this particular level of the project. Each token costs $1. The Rilcoin network is scheduled to create 5.4 billion Rilcoins as of now.

The concept of Rilcoin is being introduced to provide a new structure to asset management system. Asset management mainly refers to any system that manages and analyses things of value to an entity. It may be utilized for both tangible as well as intangible assets. Asset management is a process of deploying, upgrading, operating, maintaining, and disposing of assets that will be cost-effective. Rilcoin is going to be an entirely new platform for asset management systems which will provide a unique perspective to financial tools as well as investment tactics. It will propose users to invest in cryptocurrencies assisted by Blockchain safety and real-world assets that would introduce a whole new way of funding.

The fundamentals for newbies

If you are not much experienced about the concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain, then it is essential to start with technical information about the same. Like any other cryptocurrency, to acquire or use Rilcoin, one needs to install Rilcoin wallet on his/her system or smartphone. After installing the wallet, your very first Rilcoin address will be assigned to you and also you can create one when needed. Only the individuals who would be knowing your address will be able to pay you and vice versa. This methodology can be compared to the email one, the only catch here is that one address can be used only once.

Base Technology: Blockchain

The blockchain can be defined as a digital public ledger that remains open for all. It is the technology behind every existing cryptocurrency in which the ledger is being updated after every individual transaction. In this manner, a particular Rilcoin wallet can always show how much amount has been spent on as well as all the verified transactions. The incorruptibility and real-time processing of the blockchain are enabled with cryptography technique.

Transactions using Private Keys

A transaction is basically a transfer of particular amount between two Rilcoin/Bitcoin wallets that remain connected through blockchain. Every cryptocurrency wallet holds a secret bit of information, i.e. known as a private key, and it is used to sign transactions, availing a mathematical proof indicating that they have gained from the owner’s wallet. The signature restricts the operation to be altered by anybody after it has been issued. All transactions are kept open for the users only and confirmed by the blockchain network in approx. 10 minutes through the mining process.


Mining is a dispersed consensus system used to confirm awaiting transactions by adding them to the blockchain. It follows a chronological order being in the blockchain, maintains the stability of the network, and manages various computers to accept the same state of the system. To perform a confirmed transaction, it is needed to be stored in a block following specific cryptographic rules to be authenticated by the network. These regulations restrict old blocks from being changed because it would corrupt all the further blocks. Mining also generates the equivalent of a participating lottery that stops anyone from conveniently including new blocks in a series in the blockchain.

After reading the whole article about what the Rilcoin is, the purpose of this article was to provide an idea of how it works. More knowledge can be acquired by practically dealing in the same because blockchain and cryptocurrency have no end and one can lead limitlessly while knowing the concept behind these.


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