Part 1: How to create My Ether Wallet?


Step 2: Click on New wallet and Enter a strong but easy to remember password and then Click on the “Create New Wallet” button.



Step 3: Click the “Download” button & save your Keystore / UTC file and rename it. This file *is* wallet so back it up and keep it safe!



Step 4: Read the warning. If you understand it and promise not to lose your private key, click the “I understand. Continue” button.


Step 5: You now have the option of printing a paper wallet, saving your private key, or saving a QR code of your private key. Back up at least one (offline). Then click “Next: Save your Address”.

Step 6:You have successfully created wallet on MyEtherWallet.

Part 2: Sign-up and login & KYC / AML RIL-Token Sale Platform.

Step 1: Visit on official website

Step 2: Click on login button.

Step 3: Now you can login with your Google profile or Facebook profile.

Step 4: Then update your KYC details on Ril-Token sale platform.

Step 5: Now you can see contract address and keystore/json address.

Step 6: You can send ETH to RIL token address from MyEtherWallet.

Note: Do not send ETH directly from an exchange (e.g. Coinbase/Poloniex) or using the Jaxx wallet. We will not be responsible for ETH sent from an exchange or incompatible wallet.


Part 3: How to buy RIL-tokens via My Ether Wallet?


Step 1: Open MyEtherWallet — time to shift some Ethereum

Step 2: Select “Contracts Tab”



Step 3: Paste the Contract Address & ABI / JSON Interface information in the respective fields. (This information is provided to you on the token sale dashboard)

Step 4: Click “Access” button.

Step 5: You should see “Read/ Write Contract” — First click on the drop down “Select a Function” and then click “contribute”



Step 6: You see “How would you like to access your wallet?”

  • Choose method you prefer
  • Recommended is to choose “Private Key”
  • Your private key can be found in the paper wallet which you downloaded earlier while creating My Ether Account


Step 7: After you copy-paste your private key; you should see a button “Unlock”. Click Unlock.



Step 8: Click “Write” button.


Step 9: Enter the amount of ETH you prefer to send [1]. The gas limit should appear automatically [2]; if not then enter it manually as suggested on token sale platform. Click “Generate Transaction” [3].


Step 10: You should see an option to click “Yes, I am sure! Make Transaction”, click on it.

You should see a positive message that your transaction was successful.

That’s it; you have successfully contributed to the crowd sale!

Part 4: How to check your RIL-token balance from My Ether Wallet?

You only need your address in order to see your balance. It is not recommended that you enter your private key anywhere if you just want to check the balance or see incoming/outgoing transactions.

ETH: Paste your address into the search bar and it will pull up your address and transaction history.

Tokens: allows you to easily see token balances and transfers.

ETC: Paste your address into the search bar and it will pull up your address and transaction history.

MEW: You can also enter your address only on the Wallet Info page by selecting the “View with Address Only” option at the bottom.

Note: This does not mean that you can transfer those. Remember, you must have the private key in order to access your account.

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