What is Rilcoin?


Rilcoin is a crypto technology-based, fully decentralized crypto-currency, which has all the benefits of fiat currency as well as the freedom and anonymity of a crypto-currency. Rilcoin is a part of a Decentralized Asset Management System (DAMS). The assets are further classified into High-Risk Assets and Low-Risk Assets.


What is decentralized asset management system?


The real world assets and other alt-coins can be tokenized through the decentralized Asset Management Platform and multiple investors can invest in a single asset simultaneously. The assets will be verifiable assets (Proof-of-Assets); The Fraud Detection system will be managed by Artificial Intelligence (AI).



The use cases of Rilcoin:


IOT  Industry:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fastgrowing industry destined to transform homes, cities, farms, factories, and practically everything else by making them smart and more efficient. According to Gartner, by 2020, there will be more than 20 billion connected things across the globe.  The Internet of Things (IoT) comprises billions of devices that can sense, communicate, compute and potentially actuate. The data generated by the Internet of Things are valuable and have the potential to drive innovative and novel applications.

Rilcoin is well aware of the vast expansion of IOT industry and the asset management system will support investments in IOT industry.

Other Technologies:

Smartdust technology, AI vehicles, Crypto-computing and more. Application of Smartdust, Self-driving vehicles, Crypto Cloud Computing and more in developing tools for business use, Military applications, and for making life easier.

Autonomous agriculture:

The Future of Farming – Autonomous Farming & Equipments (Cultivation of farms using auto-driven GPS operated machines) With this technology, a farmer is able to operate the autonomous tractor manned or unmanned. The autonomous tractor can work together with other manned machinery. The Purpose of decentralized Asset Management System (DAMS) is to provide the lowest cost path to building
successful robotics companies in the agriculture industry and to help investors, invest directly into companies, machinery or just a single
machine which is being used in the farms. The income generated gets distributed among the owners/co-owners of the asset. Monitoring
assets over the platform are just like maintaining a social media account.

Real Estate Industry:

As per the research Savills world research 2016, RE industry is one of the largest industry, estimated over $217+ trillion markets. This
covers retail property, offices, industrial, hotels, residential, other commercial uses and agricultural land.

Rilcoin asset management platform aims to make this huge market more efficient and transparent by letting real estate assets tokenized. Many other cryptocurrency platforms have shown interest in simplifying real estate investments. Rilcoin platform stands far apart from them in terms of empowering its users with the freedom of tokenizing real estate assets and offering more liquidity.

Renewable Energy:

Solar farming, Resource Sharing- which can be purchased and sold as a commodity through Decentralized Assets Management System (DAMS). Slowly world is moving towards renewable sources of energy and with the use of Solar farming, it is possible to invest in solar equipment’s installed miles away from your geographical location. Receiving rent for solar farm panels installed at any other part of
the world. Co-ownership of Assets, managed through the Decentralized Asset Management System. There are so many solar farms under production in the United States right now that existing capacity is expected to double by 2020.

Other Businesses:

Many new businesses will evolve as a result of the revolutionary advancements in the technologies. Software applications like Cryptochat, which is a free application for the community to be able to accept secure payments over the chat integrated with your web or mobile
application; is a feature of Rilcoin Asset Management Platform. Many other apps will be developed using the platform, like Crypto-
Donation Platform, which is another end-to-end,  secure and robust platform for extending your financial support to anyone needy in any part of the world. Altogether the asset management system boosts software, manufacturing, logistics industry, and other small-scale industry with the help of a cryptocurrency as real as fiat currency. New Start-ups, Entrepreneurs & other existing small businesses can raise crowd-funding using the same platform. The platform is a fool-proof and a trust-less system, protected by AI-based fraud prevention.

Worldwide banking:

The world is already is talking about the decentralized banking system, without borders and political barriers. A platform which offers
seamless, real-time transactions across borders and at the same time more secure than the traditional banking. International transactions take 3-4 days via banking systems; Rilcoin platform facilitates real-time transactions based upon the proof of trust.
Micro-macro transactions, Micro-macro finance, loan against assets and so many other areas of opportunity will evolve along with the Decentralized Asset Management Platform.

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